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Boost your sales by selling at duty free rates in town. Offer your customers 100% VAT-off shopping right in store.

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Are you sure you're complying with tax free regulation? Stamp streamlines administrative paperwork while making you really compliant with your country’s laws.

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Issue invoices and manage everything online using our easy-to-use website or mobile app.

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The best solution for you and your store. Free, forever.

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No fees or activation costs for your business.

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No hardware or software installation.

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A clean and simple interface as a web app or a mobile app.

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We have your back: Stamp guarantees VAT for your business in case of rejected invoices.

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You can try Stamp while keeping your traditional tax refund methods.

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A knowledgeable team ready to assist you in less than 60 seconds, every day.

What stores using Stamp say

Join hundreds of other stores and become a duty free store in town

Selling without VAT right in store and simplicity in creating an invoice are key to increase sales and retain international customers.

Marco Cassina
Owner at clothing store Peter Ci (Como, Italy)

How do you treat your best customers?

International customers spend four times more than Europeans, drive 80% of luxury sales and price convenience is their first concern when shopping abroad. But when it comes to tax free, they face ugly refund procedures, insane costs and numb bureaucracy.

65% of tax free sales are never made at all

Don’t waste this chance, become a duty free store today

Frequently asked questions

Any more questions?

What is tax free shopping?

Non-EU residents are exempt from paying the VAT (Value Added Tax) on the goods they purchase while visiting the EU. Tax refund agencies charge your customers up to 60% of VAT in fees. With Stamp they save all the VAT in your store.

How much does Stamp cost?

Stamp is free for all merchants and it will be forever. On customers, a minimal fixed commission fee is charged above €500 of transaction.

I'm relying on a tax refund agency, do I need to stop using them?

Stamp doesn’t require any exclusivity. You can try it along with traditional tax refund agencies, until you decide to complete the switch.

If the customer doesn't pay the VAT in store, how can I be sure I'm covered?

Stamp guarantees businesses 100% on the risk of missing VAT if customers don’t complete the Customs procedure thanks to our risk management system.

What they say about us

Stamp simplifies procedures and cuts out the unjustified costs of tax free shopping

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