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Save 100% of the VAT upfront while shopping tax free. Forget refund fees, queues and paperwork.

Tax free shopping is broken

How much are you losing today?

You may not know this, but traditional tax refund agencies charge you up to 60% of VAT for each transaction. The more you spend, the more agencies take away from you.

Save with Stamp

How much are you planning to spend?

Average tax refund agency fee

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How does Stamp work?

A fast and easy procedure

Shop at a partner store

Shop 100% duty free at Stamp partner stores. Get the app to find out where.

Go to Customs

Go to the EU Customs office with the goods still unused and validate the invoice. No need to visit any tax refund desk.

Send validation proof

If the EU Customs officer stamps the invoice on paper, send us a picture of it.

You're done!

When you receive our confirmation message, the procedure is complete and you can leave the EU. Have a good trip!

What our customers say

Why travelers choose Stamp to shop tax free

This service is super! I wish I found it a long time ago, it saved me so much time and hassle.

Han (China)

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Why choose Stamp?

With Stamp you never pay VAT at all

Pay without VAT in store

Why pay VAT upfront and hope for a refund later? With Stamp you pay without VAT directly in store, you just need a card to guarantee you visit customs.

Cut the hassle

No forms to fill out, letters to mail or queues at refund desks. No need to get money back, your money stays in your pocket.

No hidden fees

Enough with shady currency conversion, extra charge on cards, refund desks' untold commissions.

24/7 great support

An experienced support team is ready to help you with everything you may need.

Transparent pricing

Use Stamp to shop up to €300 for free or pay a one-time fixed fee to enjoy unlimited tax free shopping for up to 2 months.

Once the limit is exceeded, you become Premium until the end of the month following your purchase. Stamp charges a maximum commission of €19.99 based on your total expense during the Premium period.

Pricing details

Amount spent with Stamp
Applied fee
up to
up to
one-time fee
up to
one-time fee
one-time fee
All prices are VAT included

What they say about us

Stamp simplifies procedures and cuts out the unjustified costs of tax free shopping

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