Shop abroad tax free.
For real.

Stamp lets you save 100% of the VAT in stores while travelling

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Why should you pay at all?

Visitors residing abroad are exempt from paying the Value Added Tax on the goods they purchase. But Refund Agencies charge you up to 60% of VAT for an awful experience. With Stamp you never pay any VAT upfront in the store. Try our calculator and save it all.

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Commission free

Zero commission and hidden costs on your saving

Save time

No more refund queues. When leaving the country just validate your passport at the airport Customs

All digital

Manage all your trips and invoices via mobile

We're active in Italy!

Enjoy a genuine tax free shopping experience without any fees in the land of fashion, art and design! We will soon be available in the rest of Europe, stay tuned to follow our expansion!

Free for all

Use Stamp for free up to €500 spent through the platform in 90 days

Go Premium

Enjoy unlimited tax free shopping for 90 days paying a one-time Premium fee

Pricing details

Stamp is totally free up to €500 spent through Stamp for a time span of 90 days. From €501 up to €5000 in purchases, a one time fee of €9,99 will be applied. Above €5000 spent through Stamp, a one time fee of €19,99 will be applied.

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Goodbye refund commissions, hello future of tax free

Stamp started with the idea that technology can make Shopping tax free simple and free of charges. We built a platform that is reinventing the shopping experience and cuts out inefficiencies – tedious paperwork and refund agencies intermediation.